Allen (left) Rilliane (right)

Allen and Rilliane are almost inseperable! They almost cannot be told apart if Rilliane didn't make her bangs straight.

They're the wackiest twins out of all the Customs. They both love colorful stuff and polkadots!


They were both sewn on April 1 which is April Fools Day, the wackiest day of the year! They are identical twins. Rilliane was sewn before Allen.... Which makes Rilliane the ALPHA TWIN!!!!  Allen was sewn from a colorful bowtie while Rilliane was sewn from a wacky fake moustache.

Personality of Allen

Allen is the brightest and most colorful of the twins. She plans out what color of dress they're gonna wear and it always ends up being multicolored and having polkadots. She loves painting her room different colors every month.

Personality of Rillane

Rillane is the wackiest twin of all the customs! She loves a lot of different things and is very random when she chooses their accesories and shoes. Most customs think that Rilliane is more matured than Allen.

What Allen and Rilliane Looks Like 

Allen and Rillian are fair skinned with pale pink cheeks and black button eyes that are tinted dark brown. They both wear purple bowties, pink ballet flats and green stockings. They're short sleeved dresses are colored green and pink. The sleeves are green while the upper dress is light pink and the lower part is dark pink with green polka dots. They wear green belts over their dress.

Allen and Rilliane's Pets


Tried making it look like a card...miserably failed :(

Allen"s pet is a bright, multi colored  elephant that loves painting and designing Allen and Rilliane's dresses. It loves playing hide and seek with his brother, Wacky. It always ends up with Bright winning... probably because the house is so colorful. Rilliane's pet is a wacky, spontaneous elephant that loves painting and designing accesories. It loves hats and made matching  hats for him and his brother.

Allen and Rilliane's Home

Allen and Rilliane split their house into two parts: the left side painted with bright multicolored paint while the right side painted wackily with a lot of decorations. Their lawn are also split into two. The left side full of wacky things while the right side bright and multicolored. There are also shoes on their roof.

Other Merchandise

  • Allen and Rilliane twin pack
  • Allen full size doll
  • Rilliane full size doll
  • Allen and Rilliane twin mini pack 
  • Allen mini
  • Rilliane mini

Guess What!

  • Allen and Rilliane's last name is a word play on the japanese pronounciation of wacky shoes
  • Allen and Rilliane are the second twins in lalaloopsy land
  • Allen's elephant actually glows!
  • Rilliane's room is very messy so her elephant cleans it up for her
  • They have the same birthday as Peanut Big Top!