Ashley Autumnleaves

Ashley Autumnleaves

Ashley Autumnleaves is a special Lalaloopsy doll! She's an Autumn themed doll that can shared leaves for you! She's a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia! Her little sister is Fall Autumnleaves.


Sewn On: Sept. 22 (First day of Autumn 2012)

Sewn From: An Autumn leaf.

Personality of Ashley

She's a super shy girl who loves to jump into leaf piles.

What Ashley looks like

Hair Color: Orange

What she wears: An orange blouse with a green skirt

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: An orange blouse

Other things on her Dress: A leaf on her blouse and lines and dots on her skirt

Ashley's Pet

Her pet is a cute little bonsai tree!

Ashley's Home

Roof: Orange

Wall Color: Yellow

Ashley's Other Merchandise 

  • Ashley Full Sized Doll
  • Ashley Mini
  • Full Size Sister Pack
  • Mini Sister Pack

Guess What!

  • She is a part of the Lalaloopsy Seasons. She represents Autumn.
  • She was sewn on the First day of Autumn 2012!
  • Her pet is special which is a tree.