Astro starlight

Dot Starlight's little brother

Asto Starlight is the little brother of Dot Starlight.

Astro was created using Adobe Illustrator with Matey Anchors as a refrence.

Drew by Missflyingtoaster using Adobe Illustrator.

Personality of Astro

Astro loves to explore. He tries to jump real high and learn about new things.

What Astro looks like

Hair Color: Yellow

What he wears: A space helmet and blue one piece suit

His sewn on pattern on his dress: Blue one piece suit

Other things on his outfit: Red straps

Astro's Pet

His pet is a moon rock. It's name is Rocky!

Astro's Home

He lives with his big sister, Dot Starlight!

Astro's Other Merchandise

  • Lalaloopsy Littles Doll
  • Mini doll with sister Dot

Guess What!

  • Astro collects vintage toy spaceships.
  • Astro knows everything there is to know about space.
  • October 1st is Nasa Official Birthday.