Balloon Party Hat is a super-special lalaloopsy doll that blows confetti everytime you press the button on her back!  She sings the Happy Birthday song when you press the second button on her back! Her pet balloon can float if you put helium into it! She's a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia.

Ballon Party Hat


Sewn On: Apr. 3rd (World Party Day)

Sewn From: A Party Dress

Personality of Balloon

She loves celebrating her birthday! She feels that everyday is her birthday! She gives mystery gifts to her friends... even if it's not their b-day. She has a pet balloon. 

What Balloon looks like

Hair Color: Blonde

What she wears: A salmon pink blouse with a jelatin-shaped skirt with lines and curvy lines. She has sprinkles on her  blouse.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Sprinkles on her blouse

Other things on her Dress: Bracelets and a Party hat

Balloon's Pet

Her pet is a yellow balloon!

Balloon's Home

Roof: Salmon Pink

Wall Color: Pink

Balloon's Other Merchandise

  • Balloon Full Sized Doll
  • Balloon Mini

Guess What!

  • She loves to party!
  • She once ate a confetti sandwich made by Mayo Ham 'N' Cheese, which has real confetti.