Bloom flowerpot

Bloom Flowerpot

Bloom Flowerpot was my idea for a little sister for Blossom Flowerpot before the offical Petal Flowerpot was released. 

Adobe Illustrator by Missflyingtoaster.


Sewn On: May 19th

Sewn From: A flower pot

Personality of Bloom

Bloom loves planting flowers with her sister. She could spend all day in the garden. She even thinks weeds are cute.

What Bloom looks like

Hair Color: pink

Hairflower Color: White with yellow

What she wears: A white dress with puff sleeves and underskirt, stripe tights

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Green plaid

Other things on her dress: A daisy, plaid belt

Bloom's Pet

A bumblebee

Bloom's Home

Roof: Flowers and grass

Wall Color: Green

Bloom's other merchandise

  • Bloom Little
  • Bloom and Blossom two pack Mini

Guess What!

  • Bloom is acutally allergic to bumblebees.
  • Bloom loves strawberry ice cream, it matches her hair!
  • Bloom is the original name for the real little sister of Blossom
  • Bloom thinks weeds are cute but Blossom does not.