Captain Treasurechest

Captain Treasurechest is the little brother of Patch Treasurechest!


Sewn On: Aug 7th

Sewn From: a ship captian's coat

Personality of Captain

Captain loves going on sea adventures with his brother Patches. He likes to sail and boss people around!

What Captain looks like

Hair Color: Yellow

Hat Color: Black with white

What he wears: A brown shirt with skull, white vest, stripe pants

sewn-on pattern on outfit: Black and Red stripe

Other things on outfit: belt buckle

Captain's Pet

His pet is a seagull

Captain's Home

Roof: wooden planks with pirate flag

Wall Color: ocean blue

Captain's other merchandise

  • Captain Lalaloopsy Little
  • Two Pack Mini with Patches

Guess What!

  • Captain sometimes spells his name wrong
  • Captain is the first boy Little to be made mini