Carole Christmasjoy is a special Lalaloopsy doll! She's a Christmas themed doll that can sing & dance. She's a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia


Carolle Christmasjoy

Carolle Christmasjoy

Sewn On: Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve)

Sewn From: A Christmas Tree

Personality of Carole

She loves to play with snow and she loves unwrapping gifts... even if it's not the time to open it.

What Carole looks like

Hair Color: Red

What she wears: A red ball gown with a red top

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Red top

Other things on her Dress: Christmas decoration on her dress

Carole's Pet

Her pet is a Christmas tree decoration!

Carole's Home

Roof: Red

Wall Color: Green

Carolle's Other Merchandise

  • Carolle Christmasjoy Full Sized Doll
  • Carolle Christmasjoy Mini

Guess What!

  • She is a part of the Lalaloopsy Seasons. She represents Christmas Day. 
  • She was sewn on Christmas day!
  • She loves Christmas!