Ahn. It's a new line by Cookiez and Arisu-pyon. Mostly because they have a feti- love for fairytale characters. orz Colors are analogous-ish, realistic-ish-er or just in a different shade.

Some ideas might already be made into REAL Loopsy dolls.

Nyan. It's the WIPs for this line~ (Researching names is such a..)

  • (Snow White; Snow White) Lili Ashton <Chinese; Li means dark>
  • (Bluebeard; Bluebeard) Azure Chiello <Italian; Occhiello means eyes or buttonhole so that's an extra>
  • (The Riddle; Princess) Vinella Canum/Aurian <Italian, Gujarati/Welsh for Riddle and portmanteau of silver and gold>
  • (Aschenputtel; Fair Godmo- Sorcerer ) Finnian Dove <means White Dove>
  • (???; It's the Big Bad Wolf) Wolfe Ross <Hungarian; Rossz means false>

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