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  • Chippy.... REAL HAIR!!!
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The only lalaloopsy with polka dots on her hair is here! Chippy's hair is made of chocolate chip cookies. ( The toy Chippy's hair is made of plastic cookies so don't worry. )


Chippy was sewn on May 15 which is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. She was sewn from Ruth Wakefield's apron.

Personality of Chippy

Chippy is very energetic and hyper . She is very eager to make friends and always fits in with everyone. She is always very sweet just like her cookies! She once won on a baking competition and got a crown, that was the day she decided she wanted to bake more cookies. Her best friend Charamel always told her she was destined to be the greatest baker ever! Altough she is very popular and outgoing she's bad at studies and rarely gets an A.

What Chippy Looks Like

Chippy is a fair skinned girl with pale pink cheeks and brown eyes so dark it almost looks like black. Her hair is made into a chocolate chip cookie buns and straight cut bangs divided in two sections with loose cookie hair on the sides. Chippy has dark brown polka dotted dress with ruffled lining, light brown sleeves and a light brown and white checkered apron on top which has a light brown and white polkadotted belt with a big light brown bow on the back. She wears glowing cream socks with ballet flats and ocasionally wears her crown.

Chippy's Pet

Chippy's pet is a persian cat that is a soft shade of cream with black eyes and pale pink cheeks and ears. Her pet always tries to help Chippy with her studies and baking.

Chippy's Home

Chippy usually travels a lot so she does not have that much time to build a house but she owns one house with a roof made of cookies and walls made of gingerbread. That house is where she keeps all her trophies, and cat food for her pet. It is also where she practices her baking

Chippy's Other Merchandises

  • Chippy Full sized doll
  • Chippy Mini doll
  • Chippy baking set
  • Chippy Silly hair doll
  • Loopy hair doll

Guess What!

  • Accidentally her cat tried to eat  Chippy's hair.
  • Chippy's cat might be smarter than her!
  • She is featured on the Wikia Wall.