Creative Art Splash

Creative Art Splash

Creative Art Splash is part of the Lalaloopsy Moms series. She is Spot Splatter Splash's and Scribble Splash's mother. To see a more clearer picture of her go here.

She is a character made by Suji500!


Sewn On: November 14

Sewn From: A Painter's Overalls

Personality of Creative

Creative Art Splash loves to paint still-life paintings, visiting art museums, and having fun with her two kids.

What Creative Looks Like

Hair Color: Yellow

Bow Color: Red

What she wears: A pink shirt with magenta polka dots with green overalls with red and white stripes. She also has pink ruffles under it.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Blue paint splatters

Other things on her dress: Yellow lacings around the sleeves of her dress.

Creative's Pet

Creative has a cute brown horse!

Creative's Home

Creative lives with her daughters Spot & Scribbles.

Roof: Crayons

Wall Color: Red and White Stripes

Creative's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Creative
  • Creative Mini

Guess What!

  • Creative is the first Lalaloopsy mom in the Lalaloopsy Moms series.
  • She has a violet spot on her shoe which is paint.
  • She's the most artistic girl in LCDI!
  • She got crititsized by Jewel's mom Gem Sparkles