Drawn by me using Adobe Illustrator


Sewn On: April 18th

Sewn From: A duke's cape

Personality of Duke

Duke can't wait unitl he's in charge. He likes to boss his big sister, Lady around and loves making up rules.  His favorite games to play are castle and fort.

What Duke looks like

Hair Color: purple

What he wears: a red shirt with 'snow white' sleeves, white color, striped shorts, red and white boots

His sewn-on pattern on his outfit: striped red and pink

Other things on his outfit: a yellow sash, a yellow belt, and a pin

Duke's Pet

A yellow horse with red mane and tale and black eyes.

Duke's Home

He lives with his sister!

Duke's Other Merchandise

  • Lalaloopsy Littles two pack with Madame Battlescarred

Guess What!

  • Duke is born on look a like day
  • He is sold in a two pack with Madame Battlescarred
  •  His color sceme is similar to his sister.
  • April 18th is Look a Like Day.