Fashion is a custom Lalaloopsy. Her little sister is Dressy Dress Box!
Fashion Dress Box

Fashion Dress Box


Sewn On: March 1st (Dress Day)

Sewn From: A Dress Box

Personality of Fashion

She loves to design dresses and loves to try on clothes!

What Fashion Looks Like

Hair Color: Purple

Bow Color: White

What She Wears: A Pink Dress

Fashion dress box pattern patch
Her Sewn-On Pattern On Her Dress: Pink

Other Things On Her Dress: Flower Buttons

Fashion's Pet

A cute Cat!

Fashion's Home

Roof Color: Pink

Wall Color: Purple

Fashion's Other Merchandise

  • Fashion Full Sized Doll
  • Fashion Mini
  • Mini Sister Pack
  • Full Size Sister Pack

Guess What!

  • She has a heart shaped box.
  • In one box, She comes with an original gold necklace.