Finn D. Human

Finn D. Human

Finn D. Human is the second doll to be released in the Adventure Buttons line. He is a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia.


Sewn On: April 5th (Day of Adventure Time's first episode)

Sewn From: Finn's Hat


Finn is a boy who loves saving the day!

What Finn Looks Like

Finn is fair skinned with black eyes. He wears an aqua t-shirt with blue pants. He also wears a bear shaped hoodie on his head and black snow boots.

Finn's Pet

Finn's pet is a sword.

Finn's Home


Wall Color:

Finn's Other Merchandise

  • Finn Full Size Doll

Guess What!

  • Finn has brushable hair!
  • His pet can talk!
  • He is based off Finn from Adventure Time.
  • April 5th is the Day of Adventure Time's first episode.