Flare Fire Princess

She is the second doll released on the Adventure Dolls line.


Sewn On: ???

Sewn From: Flame Princess' dress


She rules the flame kingdom. She likes her boyfriend,her pet,ruling the flame kingdom,and using her flame powers, and going on adventures with her boyfriend. She dislikes her father because he is always whispering to her evil evil evil evil. She has a firery temper.

What Flare looks like

Flare has red hair in a braid. She has a red and orange dress.

Flare's Pet

Her pet is Flambo

Flare's home

Her home is a huge fire castle

Other Merchandise

  • Large Doll
  • Mini
  • Adventure Buttons Bundle
  • Adventure Buttons Mini Bundle
  • Romance Pack with Finn
  • Mini Romance Pack
  • Loopy Hair
  • Silly Singer
  • Soft Doll
  • Baby
  • Lalaloopsy Tinies Flare with Fire Castle
  • Silly Hair (Discontinued)
  • Micro (discontinued)
  • Lalaloopsy Girl
  • Mini with matching pony

Guess What!

  • Flare broke up with Finn