Frosty Ice Crystals

Frosty Ice Crystals is the little sister of Ivory Ice Crystals. She was by Missflyingtoaster.

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by me.


Sewn On: Dec 21st

Sewn From: A Snowflake

Personality of FrostyEdit

Frosty loves cold winter days, playing in the snow with her sister Ivory and all things icy.  She tries to catch snowflakes and lives in an ice castle

What Frosty looks likeEdit

Hair Color: shimmery blue

Hat Color: white

What she wears: A white blouse, silverblue vest, grey blue skirt, dark blue tights

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: shimmery texture

Other things on her dress: white button on vest, pearl belt, furry bracelets

Frosty's PetEdit

A white seal

Frosty's HomeEdit

Roof: White snow with snowflakes

Wall Color: Shimmery blue

Frosty's other merchandiseEdit

  • TRU exclusive Frosty Ice Crystal Littles

Guess What!Edit

  • Frosty is the first Holiday Exclusive Lalaloopsy Littles
  • She wears gloves on her poster but on the actual doll she has no gloves.
  • December 21st is Winter Solstice National Day of Shouting.