Halre was Patch's friend when he was in the orphanage.


Halre's background is unknown. Some people believe she's the oldest loopsy.

Halres's Personality


She is quite mischievous. She secretly like a person who acts badly when she likes a person or acting badly towards who ever she want to be her friend. She does like candy more than friends. She likes saying things that can make others feel badly. In short she has a weird way of showing affection.

What Halre Looks Like

She has a blue shortly length hair with pink ribbon on it. Her dress dark blue with light blue and white polka dotted straps. She has no shoes, and her ruffles on her sleeves are light blue

Halre's Pet

She has no pet.

Halre's Home


Guess What

  • She is the one who bit Patch so he could be immortal and save his life
  • Halre is a Vapire Nurse.
  • You can find her on the LLH wiki along with Darryl Lion Heart
  • She does not have shoes like Orange Dips.