Honey Gold n' Scones

It's A NINE TAILED FOX!!! Hehe kidding :))

This time this custom's pet does not have anything related to the owner! What a coincidence right? No, no it is not... anyways another food themed Lalaloopsy... coincidence? No again. So anyways here is a healthy yet sweet food... honey!


Honey was sewn through out the month September which yes, coincidentally is the month of honey. (it takes a long time to sew rag dolls) She was sewn from ... rags! I mean seriously you should make rag dolls from rags... anyways the seamstress poured honey all over the rags to make it smell better.(just being realistic guys...but you cant make a rag doll that magically came to life realistic T^T)

Personality of Honey

Honey is the sweetest of all customs. She loves to do nice things and expects nothing in return. She loves making different types of sandwiches. She especially loves honey sandwiches. She gives out free sandwiches every morning and makes sandwiches every night. But sometimes she is too sweet that she sugarcoats one word too many. She also might make quiet a mess when she makes sandwiches.

What Honey Looks Like

Honey is a fair skinned girl with golden eyes and pale pink cheeks. She has shoulder lenght, blonde flared hair with two ribbons on the side and straight bangs divided into two sections.She wears a cream top with petal sleeves and gold polka-dots, and a gold latex material belt over it.  Her skirt is cream with darker cream tulle layers. 

Honey's Pet

Honey's pet is a vixen that always cleans up Honey's mess. It's fur color is pastel red with black button eyes and fuschia pink cheeks and ears. Its tail is curly with star shaped clips to help keep neat.

Honey's Home 

Honey's roof is made of scones and her walls are made of honey sandwiches. Her lawn is full of tables and chairs for her friends to sit on when they eat her sandwiches.

Honey's Other Merchandise

  • Full sized doll
  • Mini doll
  • Silly hair doll
  • Loopy Hair Doll


  • Honey is shown in the Lalaloopsy Customized Dolls Wiki Wall
  • She is sewn throughout the month of September.