Jolly Sleighbells

Jolly Sleighbells is the little sister of Holly Sleighbells and the Twin of Jingle.

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by missflyingtoaster.


Sewn On: Dec 24th

Sewn From: A Elf's hat

Personality of Jolly

Jolly loves making toys and giving gifts. She loves Christmas and wishes it was every day of the year.

What Jolly looks like

Hair Color: Yellow

Hat Color: Red with white trim

What she wears: A red blouse with polkadots, green collar, stripe skirt, red tights

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Green and dark green stripe

Other things on her dress: green gloves, red sash

Jolly's Pet

Her pet is a green tree with decorations

Jolly's Home

Roof: white snow with lights and ormanets

Wall Color: Green and Red

Jolly's other merchandise

  • Jolly and Jingle Littles Two Pack

Guess What!

  • Jolly and Jingle are twins, Jolly is the oldest.
  • Her wish would be Christmas everyday of the year.