Keira Rollingwheels

Keira Rollingwheels

Keira Rollingwheels is another little by Aliahvenicegarcia. Her big sister is Bella Rollingwheels! She loves skating and music!


Sewn On: Jun. 29

Sewn From: A cool jacket

Personality of Keira

She is a shy girl who loves to skate around and have fun.Her favourite sport is obviously skating,as she is just an amazing natural at it.She loves to skate along and look at the sites while listening to music on her Pink iPod.

What Keira looks like

Hair Color: Dark Brown

What she wears: A red violet jacket with a violet skirt

Her sewn on pattern on her dress: Her red violet jacket with a skirt

Other things on her dress: Headsets, pockets, jacket lines, pink ruffles

Keira's Pet

Her pet is a Shih Tzu!

Keira's Home

She lives with her sister!

Keira's Other Merchandise

  • Lalaloopsy Littles Doll

Guess What!

  • She has a toy iPod  in her pocket. It works like a real iPod! .
  • According to the TV series, she loves cookies.
  • She screamed at her sister after spilling cookie crumbs on her iPod.