Emily Oliver Principal

Emily Oliver University

1. Emily Oliver University

Personality: Acts like a leader Sewn From: A University Uniform Logo

Sewn On: May 7 (Teacher's Day)

Pet:Black Owl

Appearance:Emily has bright yellow hair with a bright pink hair, fair skin, pink cheeks and Black eyes. She has a dark red shirt with a logo on it. She has a plaid red skirt, and Black shoes that look like Mileys.


  • She was the first School Custom.
  • She loves books; although she hates carrying the heavy ones.
  • May 7th is Teacher's Day.

Miley School Principal

Miley School Principal

2. Miley School Principal

Personality: Loves  to go to school

Sewn From: A Principal's Uniform

Sewn On: May 1 (Principal Day)

Pet:White Cat

Appearance:Miley has dark Brown hair and teal eyes. She also has fair skin and bright pink Cheeks. Her dress is white and it has a green stripe on one side. It also has a bow. The dress on her skirt is a checkered pattern with green and white. Her shoes almost looks like Dotty Gale Winds. She has black shoes with buckles. It has white heels, pink bows and whtie socks. Her accessory is a bright pink bracelet.

3. Rose Carries-her-Bags

Personality: Loves School

Sewn from: A school Bag

Sewn on: September 6th (Back-to-School)
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