Perfect Melody is the first episode on the Lalaloopsy Customized Dolls TV Show!



The episode starts at Melody's house. While Rhythm checks his school bag, he notices something. His toy drum is gone! Melody and Rhythm searches around the house to look for the toy, but they couldn't find it. Then, they start to go their friends' house. First, they go to Bella's house. They searched all around Bella's house but they couldn't find it. Then, they continue to Nina's house. Again, they searched for the toy. But they couldn't find it... again. Then, they go to Miles' house. They went to every room, bathroom, bedroom and music room. But they didn't find it. Then, they go to Tori's house. Tori wasn't there so they went in the house without permission. They searched the whole place and... They found it! Melody and Rhythm found it  under Tori's sofa. Then Rhythm remembers that when Tori, Melody and him had a music meeting last Sunday, he brung the toy and left it under the sofa. Then, Tori arrives after her USA trip. When Tori opened the door, she saw Melody and Rhythm. Tori asked why they went in her house without permission and Rhythm explains. Tori didn't get mad at Melody and Rhythm. Tori asked Melody and Rhythm if they want to sing her new song with her, and Melody said yes. Tori and Rhythm were singing every note of the song right, but Melody wasn't. Melody was singing low when Tori and Rhythm were singing high. Tori and Rhythm stopped singing when they noticed that Melody wasn't singing well. Tori asked Melody why she sings low, then Melody answered "Because nobody's perfect. I don't know how to sing well because I never sung a high-pitched song before. It's better if I just play the piano.". Tori was shocked because of Melody's answer! Tori said that she'll teach Melody how to sing very well, and Melody said yes. Tori brung Melody to her music room and teached her how to sing in a high-pitched voice. When the appointment was done, Melody sang very well and Tori didn't have a hard time with Melody. Then Melody realized that practice makes perfect. THE END!


  • Melody sings very well.


  • Nobody's Perfect


  • Aliahvenicegarcia - writing/character use
  • Lalaloopsyme2 - character use
  • Suji500 - character use