Tori 'N' Melody

Tori Sing Rocks (left) and Melody Jingletunes (right)

THE CONTEST HAS ENDED! Welcome to the first ever Lalaloopsy Dress Contest! First up, Tori Sing Rocks vs Melody Jingletunes!

First, Tori rocks the stage with a violet princess foot lenght gown! This gown has a ribbon with some strokes of gold. She has a side ponytail with a ribbon. 

Second, Melody Jingletunes leaves the stage in awe with her foot lenght pink gown with some black strokes and a colorful ribbon! 

Bella 'N' Strawberry

Bella Rollingwheels (left) and Strawberry Jelly Jam (right)

Next, Bella Rollingwheels vs Strawberry Jelly Jam!

First, Bella leaves her sporty self to be girly for a change! Her dress says it all. She's more girly! She gives a LOT of girls smiles as she wears this foot lenght gown with a fuschia top! Her skirt is pink with some fuschia lines. 

Second, Strawberry's hair is beautifully tied sideways as she walks on the stage! Her pink dress matches her strawberry-like personality while she doesn't wears shoes! She's strong enough to walk without shoes! 

Congratulations to Tori! 

Thanks to everyone who voted. :)