Lucy is my idea for the little sibling of Ace Fender Bender before the idea of Speedy Fender Bender . by Cassie Moats.

  • Lucy Fender Bender
  • Lucy's Other Outfits (Left: Her Mechanic Outfit, Right: Her Pajamas)


Sewn From: A Racing Suit

Sewn On: June 19th (The First Nascar Race)

Personality Of Lucy

Lucy Is A Little Baby Racer Who Always Loves Racing Sometime's When Her Go-Kart Breaks Her Big "Baba" Ace Helps Her Fix It Even When He Breaks It.

What Lucy Looks Like

Hair Color: Orange

What She Wears: She Wears A Dark Pink Dress Under A Denim Vest Along With Pink Shoes That Our Like Her Brothers And She Has A Pink Hair Bow In Her Hair.

Her Sewn On Pattern On Her Dress: Dark Greyish-Blue

Other Things In Dress: Hot Pink

Lucy's Pet

A monkey

Lucy's Home

Lucy Lives With Her Two Brother's

Lucy's Other Merchandise

  • Lalaloopsy Littles Doll

Guess What!

  • Besides Being A Racer Lucy Is Also A Mechanic Like Her Older Brother

More About Her In The Collectors Book

Name: Lucy Fender Bender

Pet: Monkey

Likes: Racing

Dislikes: Her Race Car Breaking

Mostly Says: "Big Baba! Cool Down!"