Lucy red


Here is the first evil Lalaloopsy to be released! Unlike the other Lalaloopsy Dolls, she is the  first to have eyebrows. She loves to wear red and is very naughty. 


Lucy was sewn on April 12 which was the start of the American Civil War. She was sewn from Hitler's clothes.

Personality of Lucy

She loves playing pranks on other lalaloopsies but she still loves all of them. She is very carefree and loves action movies. She loves moving to different places and teaching Tricky lots of pranks.

What Lucy Looks Like

Lucy has black hair with low pigtails tied with two dark red ribbons. She has dark red eyes with pale pink cheeks. She has a dark and bright red, short sleeved dress with lots of sparkles. Her dress has two layers and is frilly. She also has a fluffy cotton vest. She wears polkadotted leggings and red leg warmers.

Lucy's Pet

Her pet is a red bird with a black tophat. Her bird is trained to help her in her pranks. It loves playing hide and beak wherein if you find a person you have to peck them.

Lucy's Home 

Lucy's home is made out of red cloth and has red tridents leading toward the door. The inside is white with black and red polkadots.
Lucy House

From the Disney challenge thingy :)

Lucy's Other Merchandise

  • Lucy Full Size
  • Series #2 Mini
  • Series #4 Mini
  • Lucy Silly Funhouse Mini

Guess What!

  • She shares her name with Lucy Fender Bender.
  • She's the first loopsy to have eyebrows.
  • She's secretly nice.
  • She appears in My Hair Got Cut! as a villain.