Macaroni Pepperoni 'N' Cheese Doll Form

Macaroni Pepperoni 'N' Cheese

Macaroni Pepperoni 'N' Cheese is the little sister of Crust Pepperoni 'N' Cheese. She is a fan made character by Aliahvenicegarcia!


Sewn On: September 15 (Pizza Day)

Sewn From: A Pizza Box

Macaroni's Personality

She loves pizza and Mayo. She loves eating the crust of pizza!

What Macaroni looks like

Hair Color: Red

What she wears: A brown dress with an orange belt with pepperoni and cheese dots with orange stockings

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Red and yellow polka dots

Other things on her dress: Orange belt

Macaroni's Pet

Her pet is a green apple!

Macaroni's Home

She lives with Crust Pepperoni 'N' Cheese

Macaroni's Other Merchandise

  • Lalaloopsy Littles Doll

Guess What!

  •  Her shoes are different.
  • She actually tried to eat Mayo Ham 'N' Cheese.