Drawn by me in Adobe illustrator.

Madame Battlescar is the little sister of Sir Battlescar


Sewn On: Nov. 23th

Sewn From: A warrior's Armor

Personality of MadameEdit

Madame loves playing with her big brother.  She likes to sword fight, build forts and castles and go on adventures

What Madame looks likeEdit

Hair Color: Brown

What she wears: A grey shirt, white and red skirt, silver boots with black buckles

Her sewn-on pattern on her outfit: red and white skirt

Other things on her outfit: A shiny circle

Madame's PetEdit

A grey griffin with blue eyes and red beak and tail fur

Madame's HomeEdit

Roof: Pillows stacked together

Wall Color: A flag with crest on it

Madame's Other MerchandiseEdit

  • Two pack Lalaloopsy Littles with Duke Stillwaiting

Guess What!Edit

  • Madame's battlescar is drawn on to emulate her brother
  • She is the first Lalaloopsy little with brown eyes
  • She is the first Lalaloopsy Little to be sold in a two pack along with Duke Stillwaiting