• Together with Chippy at the Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe 2013
  • Minty Choc Eucalyptus as the Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe 2013
  • Together with Bella Rollingwheels at the BCDA 2013
  • Minty at the Ms. Lalaloopsy September Longhair 2013 pageant
  • Minty at le Sew Spooky Doll 2013

Minty is a custom from Australia! She is also a childhood friend of Jewel Sparkles. She won the Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe 2013 along with Crust Pepperoni 'N' Cheese! She ranked 1st runner up in BCDA 2013 in the Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe category. 


Minty was sewn on Febuary 19 which is Chocolate Mint Day. She was sewn from eucalyptus leaves. 

Personality of Minty

Minty loves nature and eucalyptus! She speaks with an australian accent and also loves brushing her teeth probably because of her toothpaste which is mint flavored. She always carries breath mints and chocolate covered mints. She is also very friendly but will choose nature over friendship.

What Minty Looks Like

Minty is fair skinned with brown eyes and pale pink cheeks. She has long, mint green curled hair with a bow on the back and straight bangs divided into two sections. Minty wears a brown and mint dress that has brown sleeves with mint ruffles and a brown segment on the skirt, a dark brown belt, polka-dotted petite coat, and white polka-dots on the skirt with the lowest layer having see-through mint material going around the lining. She wears dark brown cowgirl-type boots.

Minty's Pet

Minty's pet is a koala with black button eyes and ash blonde colored fur. It loves eucalyptus and trees! It also helps Minty water her garden.

Minty's Home

Her home is full of gardens and trees! Her roof is made of mint candies with chocolate syrup poured all over it. Her walls are made of eucalyptus logs. She also has a smaller house for her koala.

Minty's Other Merchandises

  • Full sized doll
  • Mini doll
  • Loopy yarn hair doll
  • Silly hair doll
  • mini Loopy hair doll

Guess What!

  • She's the first customized doll to come from another country (Australia)!
  • She donated four of her extra homes to charity
  • Her pet loves hugging trees upside down!

Minty's Collection of Prizes

Best Customized Dolls Awards 2013

  • 4 Silver Trophies
  • A new dress
  • A new house
  • 500 Lalaloopsy Custom Dollars

Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe 2013

  • She has 5,000,000 LalaCustom Dollars
  • She has 2 Condos in Lalaloopsy Customized Towers
  • She has 5 Fully furnished houses in LalaloopsyCustomDollsLand Homes
  • She has 2 Fully furnished Mansion in Lalaloopsy Customdolls Ville
  • She has 4 Lalaloopsy Cars worth 1,000,000,000.00 LalaCustom Dollars
  • She has A talkshow on LalaCustomized TV 
  • A contract to LalaC. Magazine
  • 20 LalaScooters
  • A Diamond studded tiara worth 3,000,000 LC$
  • 50 expensive dresses
  • Pet Groomer