Rhythm Jingletunes Doll Form Edited

Rhythm Jingletunes

Rhythm Jingletunes is a cute fanmade character by Suji500. His big sister is Melody Jingletunes!


Sewn On: January 27th (Mozart's B-day)

Sewn From: A Pianist's dress

Personality of Rhythm

Rhythm is a shy boy that loves to play the keyboard. He does everything his sister tells him to do and always smiles. He loves going to classical music concerts. Although he can be a little noddy sometimes! And around Melody's friends, he can get REALLY talkative! He makes a perfect pair with Rina Musicnotes !

What Rhythm Looks Like

Hair Color: Green with lime green highlights at the bangs and tip of his hair

What he wears: A white shirt with a black tuxudo and blue jeans with black shoes.

His sewn-on pattern on his dress: Black Music Note

Other things on his dress: A red neck-tie

Rhythm's Pet

Rhythm has a cute blue cat with a purple head and a yellow star.

Rhythm's Home

He lives with Melody Jingletunes!

Rhythm's Other Merchandise

  • Lalaloopsy Littles Doll

Guess What!

  • He was sewn on Mozart's birthday!
  • He is the 2nd Lalaloopsy Littles boy!
  • He and Rina Musicnotes make a perfect pair! While Melody makes a perfect pair with Miles.
  • He once lost his sister's violin.
  • January 27th is Mozart's B-day.