Rocky Cavestone

Rocky CaveStone


Sewn On: July 25th

Sewn From: A cavegirl's dress

Personality of Rocky

Rocky likes to hide in caves.  She makes things using items she finds in nature.  She loves the outdoors and making friends with the animals.

What Stoney looks like

Hair Color: Purple

HairBone Color: White

What she wears: A one shoulder dress and rock bracelet

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Leapord Print

Other things on her dress: A orange sash

Rocky's Pet

A purple dinosaur

Rocky's Home

Roof: Rocks of Different colors and sizes

Wall Color: Brown with cave paintings

Rocky's Other Merchandise

  • Rocky Full Size
  • Series #18 Mini

Guess What!

  • Rocky was sewn on Act Like A Caveman Day
  • Her mini accessories include: a 'dinosaur' egg (same as Sunny Side Up) but with polka dots, a camp fire (same as Feather Tells a Tale's), her pet, and a log (same as Forest Evergreen's)