Sandy sea shells

Sandy Sea Shells

Sandy Sea Shells is the little sister of Coral Sea Shells.

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by Missflyingtoaster.


Sewn On: May 19th

Sewn From: A real mermaid's dress

Personality of SandyEdit

Sandy loves the water and going to the beach with her sister. She is still learning how to swim

What Sandy looks likeEdit

Hair Color: pink

Hair acc. Color: yellow/orange

What she wears: A blue blouse with ruffle, pink ruffle, mermaid fin

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: White and Blue polka dot

Sandy's PetEdit

Her pet is a a sea horse

Sandy's HomeEdit

Roof: Sand in castle like formation

Wall Color:  Tan with blue

Guess what!

  • She is learning how to swim like her big sister.

Sandy's other merchandise

  • Sandy Lalaloopsy Little Mermaid