Sea Ocean Starwater

Sea Ocean Starwater


Sea Ocean Starwater! She has a permanent tail and her hair and tail glows when you put her in water!  Her mini does that too!  Her pet starfish changes color when you place it in hot water!


Sewn On: June 8 (World Oceans Day)

Sewn From: A mermaid costume

Personality of Sea Ocean

She loves to swim!

What Sea Ocean looks like

Hair Color: Blue

What she wears: A Pink mermaid dress

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Pink mermaid Dress

Other things on her Dress: Pink skirt

Sea Ocean's Pet

A Starfish!

Sea Ocean's Home

Roof: Leaf

Wall: Bamboo

Sea Ocean's Other Merchandise

  • Sea Ocean Full Sized Doll
  • Sea Ocean mini

Guess What!

  • She's the only Loopsy Custom that has that feature.
  • She has a Crown that is hidden in the back of her starfish.
  • She has a crown that resembles Jewel Sparkles ' Crown.
  • She has 5 holes on her head. One is for her crown (top of head), 2 drain holes (Under her hair), And two extra holes on her ears so you can plug Bella Rollingwheels' earphones in.
  • Her starfish changes color in hot water and cold water.