Sheriff dusty trails

Sheriff Dusty Trails

Sherriff Dusty Trails is the little brother of Praire Dusty Trails idea 'before Trouble Dusty Trails was announced. 

He is born on July 28th National Day of the Cowboy.  he is sewn from Sheriff chaps.  His pet is a tumbleweed. 

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by me.


Sewn On: July 28th

Sewn From: A Sherrifs Chaps

Personality of SherrifEdit

Sherrif loves playing with his town sisters and riding horses.  He acts tough but is a softy at heart,

What Sherrif looks likeEdit

Hair Color: Brown

Hat Color: Red with yellow star

What he wears: A red shirt with orange vest, blue pants, orange chaps

Other things on outfit: A red bandana, sherrif star, orange gloves, yellow belt

Sherrif's PetEdit

A tumbleweed

Sherrif's HomeEdit

Roof: Fringe in brown, cowhide, with a belt buckle

Wall Color: orange print with stars


  • Sheriff is the oldest of the little siblings of Prairie. (Shiny, Trouble, Sherrif (Youngest to oldest)