Speedy fender bender
Speedy Fender Bender is the little brother of Ace Fender Bender. He was sewn on May 30th (the anniversary of the First Indy 500 race).  He is sewn from a race car driver suit.  His pet is a turtle. 

You might not get it when on the top it says the anniversary of the First Indy 500 race and in the picture and bottom says First Indy 500 race


Sewn On: May 30 - (First Indy 500 race)

Sewn From: A race car driver suit.

Personality of Speedy

Speedy loves to go really fast on the pretend rail! But sometimes he crashes! Lucky for him, his big brother helps him repair his box car.

What Speedy looks like

Hair Color: Orange

What he wears:  He wears a one piece suit in blue with red detail and polkadot collar and belt.  His shoes are grey tennis shoes.

Her sewn on pattern on his dress: Blue

Other things on his dress: N/A

Speedy's Pet

A turtle thats green.

Speedy's Home

He lives with his brother

Speedy's Other Merchandise

  • Lalaloopsy Littles Doll
  • Lalaloopsy littles doll with Ace I. A Two pack.

Guess What!

  • A Lalaloopsy Little Box Car RC is available for Speedy.
  • He loves G.I. Jones' cart.
  • Sometimes he may crash into things.
  • May 30th is First Indy 500 race.