spirit pom poms

Spirit Pom Poms is the little sister of Peppy Pom Poms!

Drawn by Missflyingtoaster using Adobe Illustrator.


Sewn On: Apr. 15 (National Day of Shouting)

Sewn From: Cheerleader Uniform

Personality of Spirit

Spirit loves to shout and make up rhymes. She hopes that one day she will be on top of the cheerleader pyramid with the help of her sister Peppy.

What Spirit looks like

Hair Color: Red Orange

What she wears:  She wears a red shirt with a sewn on 'C', yelow trim and polkadot sleeves.  Her skirt is pleated polkadot with orange and a red waistband with stripe.

Her sewn on pattern on her dress: Red polka dots

Other things on her dress: C, orange Trim

Spirit's Pet

Sprit's pet is a cute little bulldog!

Spirit's Home

Roof: pom poms

Wall Color: Orange

Spirit's Other Merchandise

  • Lalaloopsy Littles Doll

Guess What!

  • Bulldogs are common school mascots.
  • She's sweet, unlike what you would think! (Although she sometimes gets annoyed by Jock)
  • She can shout loud like her sister.