• Together with Bella at the LDC 2013
  • Together with Razzy in the BCDA 2013 with the category of Long Haired
  • It's meh drawing :DDD
  • IDK Where this pic was held

Introducing Strawberry Jelly Jam! She loves everything that has strawberries on it. She especially loves strawberry shortcakes. She won the long haired category at BCDA 2013.


She was born on Febuary 27 which is National Strawberry Day. She was sewn from a strawberry packet 

Personality of Strawberry

Strawberry is just like a real strawberry. She's very sweet all the time... except when she's angry she's very sour. She loves making strawberry shortcakes, strawberry jam and feeding birds.

What Strawberry Looks Like

Strawberry's fair skinned with red eyes and pale pink cheeks. Her wavy hair reaches up to her feet tied bck from her face by a cream ribbon.(Her hair is probably blown by the wind on the picture above.)She also has straight cut bangs divided into two sections. Strawberry wears a crimson shirt with dark red polkadots and tulle sleeves, along with a crimson,pink and cream plaid jumper with crimson tulle lining. She has powder pink socks with cream slip on shoes with pieces of it  going around her foot.

Strawberry's Pet

Her pet is a pink bird who helps tend her strawberry garden. It's feathers are pink with blue wings and black button eyes. It has a white flower on one wing and a strawberry on the other.

Strawberry's Home

Strawberry's roof is made of chocolate strawberries on the  pattern of white, milk and dark. Her wall is made of strawberry chocolate with strawberry syrup. On her backyard is a strawberry garden that her pet takes care of.

Strawberry's Other Merchandises

  • Full sized doll
  • Mini doll
  • Loopy yarn doll
  • Silly hair doll

Guess What !

  • Her bird takes care of her garden more than she does.
  • She,Tira and Razzy are the only loopsies with REALLY long hair.
  • She loves to take naps in windy places.
  • She and Strawberry Jelly Butter have identical names.
  • Her theme was supposed to be PB&J but Cookiez is messed up.
  • Febuary 27th is National Strawberry Day.