• Together with Melody at the Lalaloopsy Dress Contest 2013
  • Tori Sing Rocks as the Lalaloopsy Dress Contest Queen 2013
  • Tori Sing Rocks Live!
  • Tori Sing Rocks - USA! The Live Tour
  • Tori in her dress for Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe July 2013.
  • Tori Sing Rocks - Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe August!
Tori Sing Rocks is a Singing Lalaloopsy doll! She comes with a working microphone just like her little sister, Trina Dance Rocks. She's a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia.

Tori Sing Rocks' Twitter Account:


Sewn On: March 14 (National Sing Up Day)

Sewn From: A rockstar's dress

Personality of Tori

She loves to sing, dance and take the stage!  She can be hot-tempered sometimes, But she's always happy! 

What Tori looks like

She wears a purple dress with a gold vest. Her purple dress has some worm designs on it. Her shoes are pink with  a purple lace. Her hair is tied up with a ribbon. She has a working microphone.

Tori's Pet

A white dog that kinda looks like a panda. 

Tori's Home

Her house is a mansion! It has 5 floors. She lives in Singersville, LCDI.

Floors of her house:

  • 1st floor: Living Room
  • 2nd floor: Guest Rooms
  • 3rd floor: Kitchen
  • 4th floor: Tori Sing Rocks and Trina Dance Rocks' Room
  • 5th floor: Indoor Swimming Pool with Heater

Tori's Other Merchandise

  • Tori Sing Rocks Full Sized Doll - Talking Doll Version - ToysRUs Exclusive
  • Tori Sing Rocks Original Full Sized Doll with working Microphone.
  • Tori Sing Rocks Mini Sized Doll ToysRUs Exclusive
  • Tori Sing Rocks Working Microphone
  • Tori Sing Rocks Twin Pack with Melody Jingletunes and Miles Musicnotes ToysRUs Exclusive
  • Tori Sing Rocks Beach Pack. Comes with Full Size Tori Sing Rocks in Purple bathing suit, A purple mermaid tale, A shovel and a bucket. ToysRUs Exclusive
  • Tori Sing Rocks - The Story Of My Life DVD - Walmart Exclusive
  • Tori Sing Rocks Tin Lunchbox
  • Tori Sing Rocks Water Bottle
  • Tori Sing Rocks Singing Silly Hair Doll with Silly Hair Little Sister
  • Tori Sing Rocks 6-foot Mansion - ToysRUs Exclusive

Guess What!

  • She loves to sing!
  • Her roof wrirtings are from a movie. Barbie Princess and the Popstar.
  • She is voiced by Admin Aliahvenicegarcia in the movie.
  • When she was 4, she broke all the glasses in her room by simply singing I will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.