Trina Dance Rocks

Trina Dance Rocks is the first ever singing Lalaloopsy Little! She comes with a working microphone, just like her big sister! 


Sewn On: October 25 (Katy Perry's Birthday)

Sewn From: A Rockstar's Dress

Trina's Personality

Trina has a really high-pitched voice that can destroy glasses! Her sister trained her to sing in a high-pitched voice when she was younger. She loves kittens! She loves them so much that she dresses them up in silly costumes (just like her pet)!

Trina's Appearance

Trina wears a purple knee-lenght dress that has a gold vest on top. Her dress has little worm-like designs that wiggle and shine whenever she walks. Her shoes are pink with a purple ribbon/lace. She wears long shorts that are knee-lenght. 

Trina's Pet

Her pet is a kitten! Her kitten doesn't like Tori's pet that much (because dogs don't like cats and cats don't like dogs). It has a long wig!

Trina's Home

She lives with her sister. Their house is a mansion! It has 5 floors. She lives in Singersville, LCDI.

Floors of her house:

  • 1st floor: Living Room
  • 2nd floor: Guest Rooms
  • 3rd floor: Kitchen
  • 4th floor: Tori Sing Rocks and Trina Dance Rocks' Room
  • 5th floor: Indoor Swimming Pool with Heater

Trina's Other Merchandise

  • Trina Dance Rocks Original Doll
  • "Singers Stage" with Tori Sing Rocks and Trina Dance Rocks
  • Tori Sing Rocks and Trina Dance Rocks Sister Pack