Twirly tumblina
Drawn by Missflyingtoaster using Adobe Illustrator.

Twirly Tumeblina is the little sister of Tippy Tumbelina.


Sewn On: March 7th

Sewn From: a ballerina's dress

Personality of Twirly

Twirly loves to dance with her sister and spin around really fast. she makes up her own dance moves and loves classical music.

What Twirly looks like

Hair Color: Pink

What she wears: a pink tutu with red puff sleeves

Shoes: orange slippers with red bows and orange ties

Other things on her dress: Two red bows on her belt, one on her neck, and an orange frill on her chest

Twirly's Pet

Her pet is a cute duck!

Twirly's Home

She lives with her sister tippy

Twirly's Other Merchandise

  • Twirly Lalaloopsy Littles Doll
  • Twirly Lalaloopsy Silly Hair doll

Guess What!

  • Twirly is born on National Tutu day
  • In her silly hair form, she wears a one piece dancer unitard in pink with leg warmers
  • Twirly's name was taken by Twirly Figure Eight in 2014
  • The official sister of Tippy Tumbleina is Twisty Tumbelina