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Introducing Vanilla Cookies 'N' Cream, the first Lalaloopsy with highlights! (two tones) Most Lalaloopsies know that she is two-faced, Sometimes a girly girl and at times tomboyish!


She was sewn on December 13 which is national icecream day. She was sewn from a cookies & cream icecream cup.

Personality of Vanilla

Vanilla is known to be two-faced because of her personalities. Sometimes she's a girly Loopsy yet sometimes she's very tomboyish. She loves testing different flavors of icecream but always settles on cookies & cream with vanilla fudge. 

What Vanilla Looks Like

Vanilla is fair skinned with dark brown eyes and pale pink cheeks. She has blond, shoulder lenghth hair with malt and ginger highlights and curled bangs, one side held back with two pins. She has a knee lenght brown , sleeveless dress with cream frills and belt. Her shoes are mary janes that are brown and malt colored with cream socks. She sometimes puts her hair into two pigtails. 

Vanilla's Pet 

Vanila has two pets: a cat and a dog. Normally cats and dogs fight yet her pets are always sticking together. Her dog has malt colored skin while her cat has cream colored skin. They both have brown eyes, pink bows and dark brown tails.

Vanilla's Home

Vanila's house is very cool yet girly at the same time. Her walls are malt and brown with cream polkadots. A giant wine glass is at the front of her house full of cookie dough and cookies & cream  icecream filled with cookies and vanilla fudge. Her roof is cream with rainbow polkadots. 

Vanilla's Other Merchandises

  • Vanilla full sized doll
  • Vanilla mini
  • Vanilla limited icecream launcher