Violin Marie Jingletunes

Violin Marie Jingletunes

Violin Marie Jingletunes is the 3rd Lalaloopsy Doll released in the Lalaloopsy Customized Dolls Moms Line.

Her daughter is Melody Jingletunes and her son is Rhythm Jingletunes


She was sewn on October 1st, International Music Day. She was sewn from a pianist's dress. 


She loves to play the piano! She loves to teach her kids how to play the violin and the guitar! She is a perfect piece of Harmony!

On her illustration, there are a few differences from the real doll.

  • Headphones
  • She has a violin
  • She wears high heels
  • Her dress has more details

What Violin Looks Like

She has pale skin and lime green hair. She wears a sweater and a polka dot skirt! She wears pink leggings, black leg warmers and black and white shoes. She has a music note at the middle of her sweater.

Violin's Pet

Her pet is an orange cat!

Violin's Home

She lives with her daughter, Melody Jingletunes and her son, Rhythm Jingletunes!

Violin's Other Merchandise

  • Violin Marie Jingletunes Big Doll
  • Violin Mini