• Chubby tiger cats are in! XD
  • Cat face :3
  • Waffle at the *drumroll* Miss Lalaloopsy Universe August !!!! :D
  • Waffles at le August Ms. Sew Yummy

Waffle is the first custom Loopsy to have a chubby tiger as a pet!


Waffle was sewn on March 26 which is National Waffles day. She was sewn from a waffle box with polka dots.

Personality of Waffle

She loves making waffles for her best friend Scoops and also loves playing and taming wild animals. She also wants to grow her hair up to her knees.

What Waffle Looks Like

Waffle has elbow / hip length, hazel colored hair with a brown bow. She has dark brown eyes, pink cheeks and is tan colored. She wears a dark brown and brown striped long sleeved shirt with a hazel belt decorated with hearts, a white pair of bloomers with a dark blue mesh skirt with white spots with a brown dot inside decorating it. She also has fur boots with hazel trim.

Waffle's pet

Waffle's pet is a chubby tiger cat! It has brown fur with white stripes and brown eyes with white eyelashes. It has a reddish brown nose. It's face is lighter than it's body and ears. It loves pouncing on people and eating waffles.

Waffle's Home

Waffle's lawn is decorated with Hazel trees and has a hazel syrup pond! Her walls and roof are made of waffles with delicous hazel syrup all over it. 

Waffle's Other Merchandise

  • Waffle Full sized doll
  • Waffle Mini doll
  • Waffle Micro figurine

Guess What!

  • With her lawn looking like a forest it usually attracts wildlife.
  • She actually just picked up her pet on her lawn
  • She won the August Ms. Sew Yummy
  • She is one of the Lalaloopsies to have a interest in sweets.
  • March 26th is National Waffles day.